Welcome to #NowBoarding.

NowBoarding was borne out of my passion for mindfulness, which is simply the awareness of body and mind in each moment, without judgement or critique. And it comes from my journey towards radical self-respect. For me, radical self-respect is about meeting me where I am at, and letting my own real-time identity lead the way towards my goals.

It's about doing our best right now, with what you have, and not cowering at the mercy of would-have, could-have and should- have.

During moments of mindfulness, either while meditating or walking or working or driving or eating, I have found pockets of contentment nestled into my experience of this life. Despite my stressors, which include my health, my education and my student debts, I realize in those present moments that I am a-ok and I want more. I have big goals to wrangle, but I want to feel awesome about the collection of seconds, minutes and hours that make up the process. Setbacks and all.

NowBoarding flips the concept of vision boards upside down and grounds your goals for this huge life in your experience of life right now.

NowBoarding starts with the idea that you are all you need right now. You are enough. So there is no reason not to act on your goals.

Even if the conditions for action are imperfect.

In fact, #NowBoarding knows that you’re already acting on your own behalf to achieve your goals. #NowBoarding seeks proof of your action, and allows you to build from there.

It is liberating to know that everything is exactly as it should be. I will get to where I want to be. And so will you.

Are you ready for goal-setting as you know it to be flipped upside down via creative, mindful goal-setting?