The program:

Let me tell you about the next year:

The benefits of the program for me, personally, have been immense.  I wrote about them here on MindBodyGreen:

10 Reasons to Become An Early Riser

Since beginning A Year of Making Better Mornings, I have wrestled so many more moments out of each day for myself and for things that I love.  

Waking up ahead of the hurry represents a sea-change in my life.  

I live before I work, every day.  

I feel so expanded.  

I feel as though I found a different day, slotted in between all the others, and it starts every morning with the sunrise.  

There is no special start time, you can begin whenever you want.  

There is no cost.

Through short videos, we will start with 14 days of focus on the importance of doing what you love when you wake up in the morning.  

Then we start to look at the themes of the program.

This is what we talk about for the first 21 days:

  1. I share a little more about me, and why getting up in the morning is like my holy grail. 

  2. A one-sentence way to do set yourself up for success in the morning. 

  3. Why knowing our purpose, our 'why', can help get us out of bed to do what we love. 

  4. How giving yourself the gift of calm, time and space in the morning is an act of radical self-respect. 

  5. How one epically terrible morning shouldn't ruin your opinion of mornings altogether. 

  6. Why doing something that you love, over and over again, is the best way to realize that you're capable and good. 

  7. How to trouble shoot nights with only 5 hours or less of sleep. 

  8. What happens when you make time for your loved ones in the morning. 

  9. Changes in your stress hormones that make it easier to work-out in the morning and do something you love when you get up.  

  10. Avoiding your cell phone the moment your eyes open. 

  11. Transforming your day by spending time doing what you love. 

  12. Being results-oriented is easier in the morning. 

  13. How creativity is for anyone with a problem to solve. 

  14. Checking in at the two week mark: How have things transformed?

  15. CREATIVITY: Taking an inventory of your skills. 

  16. MINDFULNESS: What is mindfulness, actually?

  17. MOVEMENT: The most simple thing ever when it comes to movement. 

  18. NOURISHMENT: The difference between primary food and secondary food. 

  19. BEAUTY: My beauty philosophy. 

  20. CREATIVITY: Becoming an artist in the morning.  

  21. MINDFULNESS: A technique to manage anger in the moment. 


Together, we will plan to move, create, meditate, discuss, drink coffee, groom, eat, drink coffee (I am not a tea person, but you can go for it) and generally go for a big, intentional, deepened life.  


See you tomorrow.