Sunday reads: Aisholpan the eagle hunter, #Rio2016 and white people on food.

I love nothing more than reading and watching great stuff on the internet while sitting with my coffee on Sunday mornings.  It is my church.  

Here are some things I am reading right now:

Aisholpan Nurgaiv, 13, is The Eagle Huntress: I remember being struck by the sight of this young girl perched on a mountain casting an enormous eagle into the air.  Her face, the landscape, the magnificent bird.  It was like painting. 

Gawker slaughters NBC gently with hilarious crayon interpretation of the #Rio2016 Opening Ceremonies: With the help of a few friends, I've managed to recreate the most important parts of the Rio Opening Ceremony below.  It'll be just like you were there.  Promise. 

And then the Atlantic gave us actual incredible images from what will go down, surely, as #olympicsthatshouldhavebeencancelled.  My dad and I were debating this morning whether someone is more likely to die during the Rio Olympics or at a Donald Trump rally.  Hard to say. Hope we're wrong about both. 

Here is Gawker's Ashley Feinberg's artist's rendering of the final Gisele catwalk, captured in reality by Jamie Squire (Getty):

What should white people write about when they write about food: It was a story built solely for page views, and to accomplish that goal, it removed an aspect of Korean food culture from its broader context and exploited its oddness for the American audience. Worse, I, a white woman who grew up on the Wonderbread cuisine of middle America (and had eaten Korean food about 10 times before writing that piece), potentially shamed Korean readers for the food habits while elevating myself for being "brave" and trying a "bizarre" food.  

Speaking of which....

Garlic Shrimp and Couscous (A Couple Cooks): Yes hangry: that combination of hunger and anger that destroys everything in its path until your rumbling stomach is satisfied.  If you're human, you've likely been hangry before, or at least seen someone else act out of hanger.  We talk to a lot of people about food, and the question that most often comes up is: how do I get a quick (and nutritious) meal on the table a the end of a busy day when I'm bordering on hangry?



Happy sunday!

It's my birthday.  I am going to go read now.