How to Grow Greens in 5 Minutes

Easy is sometimes best. 

A grocery store co-op in our old neighbourhood has an annual seed sale.  Farmers and growers from all over the region come and sell little potted vegetables and flowers to us urbans.  I have been interested in how people grow food for a long time and I've been following this company, Window Farms, for about 5 years.  

This year, I bought leaf lettuce and romaine this year, hoping I might learn something.  I wasn't actually convinced the transaction would leave me with edible lettuce. 

I went home with my two pots of lettuce for under $5.  

I planted them with fertilizer in a small deck planter.  Any bucket will do but the planter takes up less space on the balcony.  I watered them on the days it did not rain. 

And now every week, I have home-grown lettuce!

This was after I picked a huge bucket full.  It grows back. 

I cannot describe how delighted this one easy thing makes me.  For you green thumbs, I get that this is hardly revolutionary. 

For me, it's a lovely change. 

I have tomatoes too (beefsteak) but I think I crowded them too much in the planter and now they're all tangly and possibly unviable.  Any suggestions?