Mini-Collection: Homage to Leb

I have somewhat accidentally come across a delightful collection of links to some amazing Lebanese (or Leb) food on two of my favourite food blogs - Minimalist Baker and My Name is Yeh.  Honestly, these blogs aren't secrets, they're really internet famous because they are both authored by creative individuals who respect food, themselves and their point of view.  For people unfamiliar, Lebanese food is savoury, whole-foods focused, fatty and still refreshing.  It is my favourite style of food on planet Earth. 

It all starts with Tahini, which is like peanut butter but smoother and with sesame seeds.  This is a really versatile sauce from Minimalist Baker requiring tahini, garlic and sea salt.  It's like half way to hummus but more of an accessory for me because I eat hummus like its a meal - which it IS. 

And then tahini becomes cake.  My name is yeh is my favourite food blog right now.  I think Molly Yeh is wonderful and I have already pre-ordered her cookbook, Molly on the Range

And then Minimalist Baker came at me AGAIN with this Mediterranean Bowl.  I used to do a variation on this one for breakfast with arugula, black beans and a fried egg with tzatziki.  

And then this one! So new to me! Hummus + Shakshuka!

today i’m posting a recipe for this great awesome tasty thing that my friend inbal introduced me to in tel aviv last week, hummus with shakshuka on top. humshuka! i saw it a little while ago on green kitchen stories but only ate it for the first time in tlv and it was so mind blowing. the hummus came together with the tomato sauce to become like a creamy hearty tomato soup, and of course a runny yolk never hurts in that situation. i feel like this would be the *perfect* sunday brunch so, yay, happy weekend and here are your brunch plans!
— Molly Yeh

So what I call Leb food is broadly Middle Eastern which - as you now know - is way more than shwarma.  And I welcome you to spend the next six hours of your life immersed in amazing food blogs.