Hobby Yourself Happy.

The Needlework space. 

 I was one of those kids who didn't believe they were artistic.  Some kids don't believe they're good at math and I tell those kids that they most certainly can do math but they may need to hear or see the concepts differently.  That's a post for another day. 

Sewing makes me feel creative.  I enter into quite a positive and meditative space when I sew, even with the machine clanging away.  And there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of giving away a gift that you built with your own hands. 

I started to sew fabric around the same time I started learning to sew human skin in medical school.  I know that sounds strange, but the concepts of the "grain" of both fabric and skin and the manual dexterity are similar. I won't be a surgeon, but I will suture frequently in the emergency room.  Sewing was a therapeutic release from the chaos of learning medicine as a third, some would say fourth, career in my late 20s after a long break from traditional science courses.  The more detailed my understanding of physiology became, the more I needed a creative release and sewing has been a reliable right-brain weight to my strongly left-brain self, for what that theory is worth

This post from Apartment Therapy on fitting a hobby into a small home is awesome.  My sewing items are tucked away in all corners of our small home while we prepare for our move.

What are your hobbies? How do you fit them into your life? I would love to see your comments below. 

Happiness comes to those who hobby.  I just made this up, but I am sure someone famous has previously recorded the same thought.  They probably had hobbies. 

I learned to sew in late 2012.  I took some classes at a local shop called Needlework in Hamilton.  It started with a pillowcase and I've since made dresses, shirts, blankets, aprons, bowties and quilts.  I cannot believe I made a quilt. 

My first proper quilt.  I used the Flying Geese pattern.