New preoccupation: America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen: Yes.

Courtesy of Todd Quackenbush, Unsplash. 

Courtesy of Todd Quackenbush, Unsplash. 

A few years ago, I got the America's Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook for my wedding shower.  It has all of these great image-based tutorials for classic meals like roasts, turkey, gratin and other important cultural 'meal'stones (ha!). 

So then I started looking around to see if they had a podcast because my podcast game has been a little blah lately.  

And they do!

It's a snipped up version of their radio show and I love it.  You can find it on iTunes or you can register on the ATK website and access all of their radio shows for the past year for free. 

In each episode, they do interviews with scholars, historians, scientists and celebrity chefs (Emeril! BAM!).  They take calls from home cooks about really useful things.  They experiment with different versions of recipes and actually run 30 to 40 different recipe trials before settling on the perfect one.  And they share this all for free.  It's a really culinary education and a great window into the playful, adventurous world of our food culture. 

My favourite episodes are: