What if obesity is the best our bodies can do?

What if storing insulin in fat cells is the best our bodies can do?

What if obesity is actually the healthy, adaptive response?

Step one is accepting the possibility that our current beliefs about obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance could be wrong and therefore must be tested. I am betting my career on this....I’ve decided what I can’t and won’t do anymore is pretending I have the answers when I don’t. I’ve been humbled too many times by what I don’t know.
— Dr. Peter Attia, Nutrition Science Initiative

I think everyone needs to watch this video and follow the research.  Calories in do not equal calories out.  We have underestimated the importance of the quality of foods, genetic composition and individual variation.  

This advice to me, a new physician, is of utmost importance: the understanding that scientific truth isn't final and is constantly evolving.  Staying true to that path will be better for our patients.