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When I workout, I like to track my exertion using a heart rate monitor.   I like having an objective number to tell me if I am just messing around or if I am really working.  I also find it very useful if I am just trying to do something light and would like to keep my heart rate under a certain target.  Whenever I go through a period where I am just not working out very much, seeing my higher resting heart rate also reminds me that I am little deconditioned and should probably not take weeks or months off of higher intensity exercise! I know myself, and sometimes a little electronic judgement works wonders for getting my butt off the couch.  I use the Wahoo Tickr and the Digifit app (ITunes and Android compatible).  The Tickr is very comfortable and is compatible with many apps.  These are results from my bike ride on Tuesday. 

My partner is really, really, really into Caracara oranges these days.  He calls them the “King of the Orange” and eats at least three per day.  Ecological footprint and local food violation aside, they’re like candy.  The Kitchn has a great article on these Venezuelan hybrids. 

This photo shoot lifted my spirits

For a deep read on evidence-based and patient-centred clinical decision making, The Journal of the American Medical Association released this piece in October.  How do you honour patient preferences and also do the scientifically most reasonable thing?  The JAMA is a welcome player in my Facebook newsfeed.

The Elizabeth Street blog for moms posted this cool workout.

This Yogi, Alex van Frank, has it all sorted out.

After that trip I decided to fling myself into living without the negative body voice. I opened up to the possibilities of my body and my ability to serve. I began teaching yoga to people of all abilities -injured, older, sick, average and more. The more I taught the more I was amazed at the beauty of all of these different people. The most amazing part of teaching is that most people have no idea how amazingly wonderful and beautiful their body is. I’m still in deep awe and wonder at every body and soul that I come across.

And would you do “Fat Yoga”? Or as I like to call it, yoga.

Amy Schumer. Killin’ it.

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