Sunday reads: Doing My Best Apparel and Robin Williams

It is exhausting to think of every part of life as a competition against yourself.  So I don't.  I do my best and sometimes that is better than before and sometimes it isn't.  It's all ok.  This way of being is compatible with being interested in new personal bests, but it demands a shame-free approach to goal setting...and goal smashing.  

With that I've launched a small shop devoted to the idea of Doing My Best featuring tees, tanks, totes, posters and mugs.  I hope you enjoy. 

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Sunday Reads: bulletproof coffee, vaccines and burrata.

I am on call this weekend, trying my darndest to manage disease.  This is different than preventing disease and the gap between the two is an infuriating part of my job.  My province, Ontario, is making inroads by attempting to put the social determinants of health - income, housing, violence, gender - in the job descriptions of family doctors (holla!) but we have a way to go. 

The first two this Sunday are on vaccines and primary care reform.  Before you yawn, take a gander and these views might peak your curiosity. 

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