Then and now: Visiting the first residential school in Canada.

Two women led us through the oldest residential school in Canada this afternoon.  One was a survivor.  People who spent part of their childhood in a residential school are known as survivors. The other had a grandfather who lived in this residential school in and around 1899.   They both generously took us - seven Canadian family medicine residents - through one of this country's darkest legacies....

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Notice the Sunshine

A little over three weeks ago, a friend died of a rare form of cervical cancer at the age of 31.  I wrote about her briefly here and her own blog, Potato 2 Paleo, is an archive of beautiful and inspirational writing on health and death. 

If you're sitting in worry right at this moment, right now, just hold on a gosh darn second and notice the sunshine.

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5 Kick-Ass Ways to Get The Hell to Work

There are days when my brain is a saboteur desiring only the most instant of stimuli from the world or, more often, the internet.  "But I have work to do," I plead. 

 The following is a First Aid Kit for Getting Started.

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How To Be A Good Friend in Grief: Allies in Comfort & Silence

"I just want someone to say, 'that's so shitty' and be beside me and that's all," said my cousin, in a big globby, snotty tear session, a few months after her father died of cancer. 

She taught me, in that moment, how to be around pain.  Just give all your comfort, put your own business aside, and call a spade a spade: losing your father to alcohol-related cancer in your mid-20s is spectacularly shitty.

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Hobby Yourself Happy.

Happiness comes to those who hobby.  I just made this up, but I am sure someone famous has previously recorded the same thought.  They probably had hobbies. 

I learned to sew in late 2012.  I took some classes at a local shop called Needlework in Hamilton.  It started with a pillowcase and I've since made dresses, shirts, blankets, aprons, bowties and quilts.  I cannot believe I made a quilt. 

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