Warning: This Kitchen is a Disaster & The Food is Incredible

The thing I love about cooking isn't really cooking.  It's listening to podcasts without feeling lazy.  And eating.

That is, I don't glamourize the chopping and the slicing and the searing.  It's fine.  I like the results of a home cooked meal but I don't envision myself barefoot in the kitchen claiming my inner pioneer.  I just want a couple of hours listening to awesome things on the internet while not sitting.  

Today, I was listening to the OnPoint episode in which Tom Ashbrook interviews Cheryl Strayed.  It's really great.  Strayed is frank and kind and, as Ashbrook says, "radically empathetic."  I think that's something I might aspire to someday.  Anyway, the chopping and the flipping back and forth between the recipe and what was actually happening in my kitchen and the podcasting made for a really nice evening in solitude. 

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The Great Probiotic: Not a Hoax

Probiotics are absolutely trending right now both in the slimier supplement sales corners of the internet and also in legitimate clinical research.  I wrote about the new frontier of gut health and bacteria research last week.  A probiotic is live microorganism that, when given in adequate doses, provides some benefit to the host (i.e. person).  They come in all sorts of formulations.  Across the internet, they are sold as magical gut cures for any GI ailment.  I wanted to answer a few questions with this post:

Do probiotics work? Are they worth the money?  

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The Last Trick You'll Ever Need For Avoiding Impulse Clothing Buys: The Mindful Wardrobe is Capsule-ized.

I have wrapped my life into two bags (and sometimes a bike, and one time my friend Melissa's Honda Civic) on seven occasions in 15 years for moves to Australia, San Francisco, Western Canada, Austria and Afghanistan and long trips to India and Southeast Asia.  The ritual of minimizing, streamlining and sacrificing is one I enjoy immensely.  It makes me feel more agile and capable.  It also makes me feel less like a product of my cultural milieu, one in which fast fashion empires are built on the backs of low income earners in poor countries.  At those times, I also feel more useful to a world in which I am uncomfortably privileged.  John Oliver sends up this issue better than I ever could.   

"Fashion: Personality you can buy" - John Oliver, Last Week Tonight

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8 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Mother a Crappy Gift on Mother's Day

Treating my mother to something is a privilege of adulthood for me.  When I lived in Kabul, I spent my deeply necessary vacation supplement on a trip for her to Greece and I met her there.  Now that my budget is smaller, I love to sew her things.  Whatever you feel about these made-up holidays, I hope this eclectic list of things helps you to honour your mother on May 10.

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