20 Blogs Comprising an Internet Reader for A Woman in Her 30s

In the last three years, I've become a regular blog reader.  They are the perfect morsel to consume in between blocks of patients, while waiting in line or between lectures.  Some blogs I read daily and others when their newsletters pique my interest.  I don't agree with everything they write and I don't find everything accessible or realistic.  That's ok.  They don't need to be brief or "helpful."  

I am in it for the point of view.  

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The Great Probiotic: Not a Hoax

Probiotics are absolutely trending right now both in the slimier supplement sales corners of the internet and also in legitimate clinical research.  I wrote about the new frontier of gut health and bacteria research last week.  A probiotic is live microorganism that, when given in adequate doses, provides some benefit to the host (i.e. person).  They come in all sorts of formulations.  Across the internet, they are sold as magical gut cures for any GI ailment.  I wanted to answer a few questions with this post:

Do probiotics work? Are they worth the money?  

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5 Kick-Ass Ways to Get The Hell to Work

There are days when my brain is a saboteur desiring only the most instant of stimuli from the world or, more often, the internet.  "But I have work to do," I plead. 

 The following is a First Aid Kit for Getting Started.

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8 Feel Good Healthy Places on the Internet

My partner is really, really, really into Caracara oranges these days.  He calls them the “King of the Orange” and eats at least three per day.  Ecological footprint and local food violation aside, they’re like candy.  The Kitchn has a great article on these Venezuelan hybrids. 

This photo shoot lifted my spirits

For a deep read on evidence-based and patient-centred clinical decision making, The Journal of the American Medical Association released this piece in October.  How do you honour patient preferences and also do the scientifically most reasonable thing?  The JAMA is a welcome player in my Facebook newsfeed.

The Elizabeth Street blog for moms posted this cool workout.

This Yogi, Alex van Frank, has it all sorted out.

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