20 Blogs Comprising an Internet Reader for A Woman in Her 30s

In the last three years, I've become a regular blog reader.  They are the perfect morsel to consume in between blocks of patients, while waiting in line or between lectures.  Some blogs I read daily and others when their newsletters pique my interest.  I don't agree with everything they write and I don't find everything accessible or realistic.  That's ok.  They don't need to be brief or "helpful."  

I am in it for the point of view.  

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5 Kick-Ass Ways to Get The Hell to Work

There are days when my brain is a saboteur desiring only the most instant of stimuli from the world or, more often, the internet.  "But I have work to do," I plead. 

 The following is a First Aid Kit for Getting Started.

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Hobby Yourself Happy.

Happiness comes to those who hobby.  I just made this up, but I am sure someone famous has previously recorded the same thought.  They probably had hobbies. 

I learned to sew in late 2012.  I took some classes at a local shop called Needlework in Hamilton.  It started with a pillowcase and I've since made dresses, shirts, blankets, aprons, bowties and quilts.  I cannot believe I made a quilt. 

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